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The Disciples Movement in Casey, Illinois was started by Sarah Fuqua in homes of dedicated prayer warriors, with a revival in "Fuqua Hall' in 1883. It was a one-room brick structure that was erected in 1886 on Main Street. The records say there were 14 charter members.

From these 14 charter members, the congregation grew to 80 members by 1895. In 1926, a basement was built for worship. It was in the same location as the first building.

In June 1938 plans were started to create a building above the basement. It was completed September 3, 1939.

In 1985, the Church Board decided to address problems concerning the building. On March 15, 1987, Casey FCC voted to "Step Out in Faith" to build a new home for Casey First Christian Church. On January 22. 1989, the congregation voted to purchase the Johnson property on Southeast 8th Street. A property dedication ceremony was held on April 30, 1989. The work began with committees planning every phase necessary to complete the project.

The first worship service in the new building was held on June 9, 1991. The congregation walked from the old site on Main Street to the new facility prior to worship. With God's providence, on October 15, 1995, the congregation had a a mortgage burning service. The church was debt free; nearly three years ahead of schedule.

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